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It began for me at an early age as I watched both paternal and maternal grandmothers prepare a variety of desserts frequently, the highlight for me as a kid was getting the beaters or spoon and to taste the mixture, it was so delicious I couldn't wait for the next week to start all over again. As I got a little older and started "assisting" them in the kitchen I learned that it is Imperative to bake with these three main key ingredients Inspiration, Passion, and Love. These ingredients they are proven to make your desserts taste that much better.
I always knew I would bake on some level and I would bake desserts to share with the world and that's exactly what I did. With my studies, hard work, determination and dedication I started this establishment and we've been hitting the ground running every since!

At The Sweet Ambience Bakery, Inc. our name says it all, a full service bakery that offers many varieties of anything "Sweet". We make everything from whole cakes, custom made cakes, individual pastries, chocolates to freshly brewed gourmet coffee and teas, and the best part is everything is made in house so you can bet it doesn't get any fresher than this. Our team has combined experience over 80 years and gets the day started early in the morning to bring you the freshest most delectable pastries you can find in the area. 

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since 1995​
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